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    "hidden lands beyond"
    50" wall hanger
  • with "city lights"
  • custom hardwood frames
  • 4 independent movements
  • coffee tables comming soon!

More info

I am in the process of learning how to build this website. Your patience is appreciated. Hundreds of hours have been devoted to making the best possible models and each one is hand made, except for some of the new cnc parts. They take many hours and over 200 steps to complete. I made a 7 min. video on my YouTube channel explaining the various sizes & styles and other info. Use the link below.


"someone needs to make some nice working models for sale"

How it all started

I created my first model in September 2015 after an extensive search for a working Flat Earth model. The first one I made used a "cake dome" cover with the knob still on it. I finally figured out how to form my own custom acrylic domes. Many have the actual star pattern laser etched or hand drilled into them. They light up nicely with a ring of RGB led's that can be controlled with a tiny RF remote. I will soon have the option of a bluetooth/Android controller so you can use your phone. I use the best motors and components for years of reliable, quiet performance. The rotating slip rings and carbon brushes have also been improved. Many revisions and designs have evolved them into the 6.0 versions and they've grown up to 50"inches diameter! Each model is hand crafted, signed and numbered one at a time. They are truly "works of art". I believe in making quality a prority and I guarantee my creations will last for many years of enjoyment. Chris C. Pontius