Fine Flat Earth art

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Important notice!

Since the release of "Behind the Curve" on Netflix  there has been a lot of interest in my models and art. I am expanding my little factory to handle the demand. I'm hiring some help, using the latest equipment and tooling up so I can lower the cost. The Mini 9" will start at $250 and go up to over 5k for the Mega models.

I can ship them to almost anywhere on the Flat Earth.

Please leave your E-mail address with your messages so I can return your questions. I'm taking custom orders and building them as fast as possible. You may need to wait 4 to 6 weeks. I appreciate everyone's patience.

They are worth waiting for. I'm working on my 64th model since 2015. I hope to get to #100 and beyond by 2020!

Chris C. Pontius

Fine artistry by Chris C. Pontius

They have evolved

Build your own custom model

You can build your own custom model and create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. First, find a model number you'd like to start with. Then pick your choice of size, map, dome style, lights, wood type/finish/color and any other characteristics I might be able to add. I'll be happy to create a quote for you. A deposit is not required, but I'll send photos after its completion in a 2-4 week time frame to get your confirmation. After receiving a check, I'll priority ship it to you.

New for 2019! "Handless" 12hr. LED clocks built into the models and other art. Here's a timelapse of one:

More about the art...

51" Mega Model video

A review from Mark Sargent

The 3D Flat Earth models by Chris Pontius are the highest quality I have seen to date, bar none. I've watched his technique evolve over the last few years, and what he is producing now is simply incredible. The attention to detail, the superb mechanisms, his pieces are not just a great representation of the Flat Earth concept, but also beautiful works of art. It makes me smile every time I walk by one. Long Live Flat Earth!

Customer Review

 Greetings Chris!
         What a BEAUTIFUL model you have built! It came exceptionally fast AND to my delight, this was packaged second to none! Absolutely phenomenal job of packing! Professional!
        The model online as I saw it was quite impressive. Even the video was stunning. BUT, in person, this earth model is completely mesmerizing! The craftsmanship and quality build is beyond impressive! Worth every bit the asking price! The lights are incredible and rotating dome with constellations named is a fantastic educational tool you have grafted in to the model. Love the remote control it came with. Looking forward to putting a video out soon of this gorgeous model #60! 
       If you are humming over whether or not these are worth it, let me just say, "YES THEY ARE". Chris treated me with a down to earth, pleasant manner. He believes in what he is doing and it shows that he takes his work extremely seriously! Loved the little touch with the Flat Earth Frisbee thrown in! 
     Thank you for your dedication and determination to get these out there! It makes conversation with someone much easier when you have a working model in front of their eyes! 
Sincerely,  Jody Midgley


The craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing. It moves the room with subtle ambience. The packing was excellent for the long trip to Canada. Everyone should have one in their home.

Robbie Davidson