Small 12" Flat Earth Models

  • Dimensions: 12" dia.x 6-8" h;  plugs into 120vac.
  • Very small and high powered LED lighting with a warm white  for the sun and a cool white for the moon.
  • A RF remote with dimming and 7 static effects to control the sun and moon comes with all new 2017 models.
  • A convenient on/of switch so you don't have to unplug it.
  • Handmade acrylic domes, bases and mechanical parts.
  • Independent speeds for the sun, moon and stars (with a rotating dome).
  • Full 3 year replacement or repair warranty for the motor and lights.
  • Custom orders and design ideas are welcome.
  • Tested, numbered and signed by Chris C. Pontius, the craftsman, artist and engineer.

Some interesting facts:

The sun laps the moon every 28 days. The new 2017 models are very close to that.

The new models take a little over 2 minutes to make a revolution, so it will take almost 4 years to turn a million times.

An average electric motor does that in 12 hrs. They will last for years!
There's a variety of different maps of the FE available to use as well.


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