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#118 23" Bolivian Rosewood frame with "real time" clock and rotating dome

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After 6 years of R&D to get the sun and moon to move in "real time", it's finally here! It has 3 motors and a beautiful rosewood frame finished with 10 coats of hand rubbed satin lacquer. The new map has a hand painted ocean, glass ice wall and north pole. The sun and moon have independent speeds and can be adjusted to sync up with the actual movements. A 24 hr ring clock has 12 lights representing the sunrise, daylight, sun and sunsets that moves around once every hour. They light up the stars as well and have a dimmer knob underneath with the set button. The dome has it's own power switch and does a complete rotation every few minutes for demonstration purposes. The rgb bottom light has 2 brass buttons to set the color and dim/bright. The sun and moon have their own touch dimmers using the 2 copper touch pads. The actual star pattern is drilled with a cnc using a very small drill and are much brighter than thr laser etched stars. This model must stay plugged in. The synchronous motors are very accurate because they use the 60hz  from the line voltage to keep time. It's 23" diameter x 8.5" high, weighs 12.5 lbs, plugs into 120v and uses about 50 watts.