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#34 22" rotating dome model

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This model was one of the first original rotating dome models. It has traveled over 20,000 miles! It was made in Sept. 2017 and was first shown at the fema camp art show in Denver and Vice News used a video of it for their story at the first conference in Nov. 2017. It had to be re built after a rough trip to Canada and back. The frame is made from a rare piece of crotch oak with a natural satin lacquer finish that surrounds the hand painted map. The star constellations are laser etched into the dome as it rotates slowly. 6 brass buttons in the frame control the on/off, sun dim, moon dim, and the RGB bottom light or "backwash" light. A compact remote has over 300 chase patterns to control the dome lights. It has also been upgraded with the newest components for years of service. It can be hung on the wall or laid flat. Plugs into 120v.