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SOLD! #47 Zebrawood rotating dome shown on CBS news

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Here is a collectors model that will be shown on the National Geographic documentary. It has been signed by Mark Sargent & Patricia Steere at the Arcadia meet up in June 2017. It was set up to run on batteries for the show. It has been changed to plug into 120v and a bottom light has been added. The polished brass buttons turn it on/off and control the bottom light. The sun/moon have separate dimming buttons and the dome motor can be switched off as well. A compact RF remote controls the dream color chase light for the star dome. The map is hand painted and the "starburst" pattern Zebrawood has a very nice satin lacquer finish. A small quiet cooling fan keeps the heat from all the lights from building up inside. A durable plywood frame keeps it running true & can handle the brutal shipping stresses.

This model was also shown on CBS Sunday Morning News