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SOLD! #50 39" Tiger Eye maple frame model

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Here's the finest model anywhere on the Flat Earth. The Tiger Eye maple round custom frame surrounds a hand painted map with sparkle snow texture as the dome slowly rotates. With hundreds of tiny holes etched with the actual star pattern they glow quite bright when edge lighted with a dream color chase light with over 300 patterns or just white or solid colors. The sun/moon can be dimmed separately and they have independent movement so the sun laps the moon every 28 days or so. This model also has 249 tiny white LED's to light the major cities with a dimmer. The on/off switch and dimmer buttons are just under the bottom behind the edge. It plugs into 120v. It takes about 3 minutes for the dome to make a full rotation. It's 39" diameter with a 32" hand painted map. The star dome light and the RGB back light can be dimmed and controlled with a compact RF remote. This model can be wall mounted or set on a table or stand. Contact me if you would like a custom stand for it.