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#74 12" Powered Orgonite frame with clock

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This is another first of it's kind with 4 quartz crystals wrapped with Mobius coils and pulsed with the magical 528 hz to enhance the Orgonite base ring. The clock's 60 led's have optical cables that back light the orgonite with a beautiful glow. As the time changes it shows through the base. The clock lights can be dimmed with a knob on the back and 2 tiny buttons set the time. 2 buttons on the bottom of the dome dim the sun/moon separately and the other button is the on/off switch. It has the new Pontius/Gordon map and the sun/moon have independent movements. It uses a 5vdc, 5amp power supply and works on all voltages. It's 11.5" diameter x 5" high and the Orgonite has quartz, selenite, silver, copper, titanium and shungite from Russia.