Flat Earth Models

#88 35" Tetracosagon framed model

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Another first original Flat Earth model. The 24 sided pine frame has a golden brown stain with a satin lacquer finish. The map & dome were the first installed in the flat van. The thicker acrylic dome has the actual star pattern drilled into it and it would not fit the curve of the van well. A dome is the strongest structure and wants to retain it's shape. The custom frame accents the hand painted map and the dome is lit with 12 slow fade color changers that makes the stars change colors randomly. The sun and moon have separate buttons for dimming and the back light has a remote to set the colors, patterns & dimming,. It plugs into 120v and weighs 17.9 lbs. It's 35"-890mm diameter x 8.5"- 220mm high, This model is designed to hang on a wall but it can be set flat on a stand,