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9" Orgonite Pyramid w/ lighted base #5

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This beauty has gold leaf in the tip with a large crystal in the center. The casting resin is a high quality crystal clear urethane. A vacuum chamber is used to remove any air bubbles. 4 rose quartz pieces are "floating" above 4 pink glass spheres with some purple clouds. There's a lot of brass, copper and titanium in the bottom layers. 4 slow fade color changing led's in the mirror base light up the center crystal very nicely and uses a standard USB charger. It has the same 51 degree angle as the great pyramid and is the largest one I've seen...that I know of. It's 9"x9"x 6" high and weighs 8 lbs. A lot of time and love goes into making one of these. They look awesome in person. The pictures are hard to show how nice it looks.