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#60 23" Wall mount clock model with rotating dome

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Here's the first 23" rotating dome model with the new "handless" digital 12 hr. clock. Ten small brass buttons and a tiny remote control all the lights and features. They are mounted in a very nice dark stained Tiger eye maple frame. The RGB back light gives it a floating effect. The remote controls the dream color chase light surrounding the laser etched star dome as it rotates slowly around a hand painted map. The sun and moon each have their own dimmer button. This one is always fun to look at all the movements and lights.

  • Rgb back light. The slow fade through the colors is my fav.
  • Clock has an amber second hand sweep, blue for the minutes and 3 reds fro the hours. Green lights mark the 12 hours.
  • Independent sun and moon movements.
  • The dome rotates nice and smooth.
  • The "dream color" chase light that lights the stars has over 300 patterns.
  • 3 buttons set the time and a dial knob under the frame dims the clock lights.