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#82 12" Powered Orgonite model 8.0

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Another first of it's kind. The Orgonite base ring and dome are united forever.  4 quartz crystals have mobius coils that are pulsed with the magical 528 hz frequency to enhance the energy of the orgonite. Selenite, silver, copper and titanium and are cast into a resin matrix in the shape of a torroid. This makes it even more special. A dynamic chase light shows off the casting and has over 300 patterns controlled with a compact RF remote. The Sun and moon can be adjusted with independent touch dimmers. It can be hung on the wall or set on a table. The hand painted snow accent the new PG map.

It plugs into 120v ac and has a white cord to blend in with most walls. It's 11.8" -294mm diameter x 4.7" -120mm high.