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9" Orgonite Pyramid w/ base light #6

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This fine piece is the 6th in a series of the largest Orgonite pyramids available...that I know of. Only the finest museum grade crystal clear urethane is used with all air bubbles removed in a vacuum chamber. It has 4 green crystals surrounding a large 3" clear crystal in the center with some multi color glitter. The first layer is selenite, then silver leaf, zinc plated bb's, shungite, some alloy shavings, iron, 4 more quartz crystals on the bottom corners, some titanium and copper in the bottom layer. The acrylic mirror protects the corners from breaking and the edge lights up nice. There are 4 slow fade color changing lights in the base and it plugs into a standard 5v USB charger. It's 9" x 9" x 6" high, has the same 51 degree angles as the great pyramid and weighs about 8 lbs. This one is a stunning conversation piece. Al lot of love, time and expensive materials goes into making these.