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LED "handless" mirror ring clock with lighted FE map image

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Newly designed mirror clock features a "handless" look with a 14" ring of 60 LED's surrounding a lighted image of a Flat Earth map. The green lights show the 12 hours. The 3 red lights show the hour, the blue lights show the minutes and a single amber light moves around to show the seconds. Every minute a blue light is added so at the end of every hour they all go away and the red lights advance to the next hour and only one blue is showing for the first minute. The process repeats over a 12 hour period and so on. It's a unique way to show the time and have a nice image to see as well. The frame is made from a beautiful piece of Red Gum and finished with clear satin lacquer. The clock lights can be dimmed and the time is set with 3 buttons behind the top of the frame. Dimensions are 17" x 17" x 1.5"