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Flat Earth infinite image art

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Here's a fun way to display and show off our world. The logo and letters are etched into a piece of acrylic with a 1/32" router bit and mounted in between a mirror and a 2 way mirror. It is then edge lit with a special "dream color" chase light that has 352 patterns to play with or solid colors that can be dimmed with a compact remote. It has a custom Tiger Eye maple frame with a satin lacquer finish. It's 14"x 14" x 2.5" thick but it looks like it's 2-3 feet deep inside. These infinity pieces are very difficult to photograph. They look stunning when you see them in person.

If you have an idea for an image, meme or sketch I can make a custom infinity light box for you any size or style. This one is just an example of what can be done.