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Orgonite Infinity Clock

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"THE ONLY TIME IS NOW" is the featured meme.

Another first of it's kind with a powered orgonite frame with a large amount of Orgonite. It has 3 black quartz points in the corners wrapped with twisted copper Mobius bi-filer coils. They are pulsed with the magical 528hz using a digital pulse generator. The frequency and pulse duration can be set to any rate you like for experimentation. The Orgonite is made with selenite, zinc, shungite, copper, titanium, quartz, steel, brass and silver. The 12hr clock has a starburst design instead of just a  plain circle and floats inside the mirror box. 3 slow fade color change lights edge light the clock numbers and meme. Any logo or saying can be mounted inside there. Custom orders are welcome.

It is 27" wide x 21" tall and stands out from the wall about 3.5" It weighs about 20lbs. There's 2 small buttons on the bottom of the frame to set the time. It uses a 5v 4amp supply that works on all voltages.