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#27 51" "Hidden Lands Beyond" with 4 independent movements

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This unique model features a very large 48" hand painted map showing the concept of other continents outside the ice wall. It's based upon a map from Japan that appeared in the FE community a few yrs ago. It has been flawlessly operating for over 5 years now!  The sun and moon above the outer ring move the opposite direction from the sun/moon in the center. It has a very nice 51" diameter custom Tiger Eye maple frame and stands out about 4" from the wall.  A dream color chase light with a compact IR remote with over 300 patterns is used to back light the wall. The sun & moon also can be dimmed with 3 buttons under the frame with the power switch. It plugs into 120v ac. Price includes the packing and shipping in the cont. US. This model needs to be hung high enough as the light "arms" are delicate and must not be obstructed.