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#100 36" Macassar Ebony coffee table w/ rotating dome

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The long awaited coffee table model is here. The first of it's kind features the sun/moon lights above the dome and they project their lights that "float" around inside the dome. There's no "arms" holding the sun/moon in the center of the north pole like all the other models. The 1/2" polished edge glass top protects the delicate arms slightly above the rotating, laser etched acrylic dome with all the star constellations. The sun and moon have their own touch dimmers. The dome light has a remote with many chase patterns, colors and light levels. The base is recessed so the table appears to float on the floor and the RGB lights also have a remote. The base is covered in a very rare Macassar Ebony veneer with Zebrawood glass supports and finished with satin lacquer. It's 36" x 36" x 18" high and plugs into 120v and uses about 60 watts.  Price includes the crating on a pallet. Buyer is responsible for freight arrangements and fees.