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#113 16" Orgonite base with rotating dome

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This original model is the first powered Orgonite base with a rotating dome. The dome has the actual stars with constellation groups and the names of the major stars laser etched into the acrylic. The stained tiger eye maple frame slowly rotates with the dome. The large Orgonite base is made with layers of selenite, titanium, quartz, silver leaf, shungite, cast iron and alloys. 4 large crystals have mobius coils and are pulsed with the magical 528hz to enhance the properties of the Orgonite torroid shape of the base. The sun and moon have their own touch dimmers and independent movements. They make a complete revolution in 90 seconds or so around the enhanced Gleason's map with hand painted "glass snow". The power switch is on the line cord and a RF remote has over 300 chase patterns and colors with dimming for the dome lights.  It is 15.5" diameter x 7" high, weighs 10.3 lbs, plugs into 120v and uses about 30 watts.