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#115 23" Bolivian Rosewood frame with rotating dome

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This deluxe version of a flat Earth model has a very nice frame made with Bolivian Rosewood finished with a gloss lacquer. The top frame moves with the laser etched acrylic dome slightly faster than the sun, about 90 seconds per revolution, to re-create the star movements as close as possible in relation to the sun and moon. The dome motor has it's own switch with the polished brass buttons and the RGB bottom light has two small buttons to set the colors and dimming. Two copper pads are the touch dimmers to set the sun and moon levels and the dome has a dream color chase light with an RF remote that has over 300 patterns, white, all the colors and dimming. The arms for the sun/moon lights are polished brass and the hand painted "glass snow" surrounds the enhanced Gleason's map. It is 23" diameter x 6.5" high, weighs 13.2 lbs, plugs into 120v and uses about 60 watts. This model can also be wall mounted and comes with a hang bracket.