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#75 20" Rotating Flat Sky Model with clock

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Another Flat Earth Model first featuring a new 20" size with a flat star dome that rotates slowly around the infamous P/G FE map. The Tiger Eye Maple frame is finished with a dark mahogany satin lacquer finish. The hand painted snow sparkles with the independent movements of the sun & moon. Small brass buttons on the bottom of the frame control the brightness of the sun & moon and the on/off switch. A very bright chase light under the frame gives it a "floating" effect using a compact RFremote with over 300 patterns and many solid colors. The clock has a separate dimmer and 2 tiny buttons to set the time also mounted in the bottom of the base frame. 24 mirrors surrounding the inside of the frame reflect the lights and map as they rotate with the stars which are lighted with 12 white led's that also have a dimmer button. All the light levels can be adjusted for many situations.

It is 20" diameter and stands out from the wall 4.5". It's designed to hang on the wall so 12 o clock is straight up but it can be laid flat. It plugs into 120v and weighs about 12 lbs.