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#77 10" Powered Orgonite Model

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A lot of good stuff is packed into this little jewel. It has the new touch dimmers for the sun & moon. No more buttons to push except for the on/ off button. A compact RF remote controls the chase ring with over 300 patterns or just colors under the base. They show through the orgonite and create an interesting glow inside the dome. They can also be dimmed with the remote. The Orgonite is made with selenite, titanium, shungite, steel, copper and has 4 quartz points wrapped with copper coils. They are powered with a 5 volt pulse generator at the magical 528hz. When it's all cast into a ring or "torroid" it becomes quite powerful. Everyone should have one of these in their home!

It's 9.5" diameter x 5" high and can lay flat or be hung on the wall.The frequency and the duration can be set for other experiments. Instructions included.