Flat Earth Models

#84 15" Dodecagon frame rotating flat sky with clock

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Another first! A beautiful Red Gum custom wood dodecagon (12 sided) frame slowly rotates the laser engraved "flat sky" around the infamous PG-AE map The 12hr pixel clock ring and the sun & moon reflect the lights in the 24 mirrors surrounding the hand painted sparkle snow. A dream color chase light with RF remote has over 300 patterns to light the stars and their names. 2 tiny touch dimmers set the sun & moon light levels. Another button sets the back light colors. Some very nice moving shadows on the background occur when the frame is rotating. The dome has it's own switch to start the movement. It's 15.2"- 185mm diameter x 3.5"- 90mm high and weighs 6.7 lbs.. It's designed to hang to read the clock but it can be laid flat. The clock timer has also been upgraded to a very accurate timekeeper.