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#86 12" Powered orgonite model

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Lots of good Orgone energy is created when the 4 main quartz crystals are wrapped with Mobius coils and pulsed with the magical 528 hz.. It has the new touch dimmers for the sun & moon. .A compact RF remote controls the RGB light ring that lights up the Orgonite. base ring. They show through the orgonite and create an interesting glow inside the dome. They can also be dimmed with the remote. The Orgonite is made with selenite, silver,. obsidian, titanium, shungite, steel, copper & quartz. When it's all cast into a ring or "torroid" it becomes quite powerful. Everyone should have one of these in their home! it's 12.1"-305mm diameter x 5"- 125mm high and weighs 4.2#. it plugs into 120v and can hang on the wall.