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#90 19" Tiger Eye frame with clock

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An exquisite dark stained Tiger Eye maple frame with a satin lacquer finish gives this model of the Flat Earth a classy appeal. All the switches, buttons and dimmers are mounted under the frame for a clean look. The hand painted special glass snow sparkles nicely as the sun and moon move around the custom PG map every couple minutes. The sun and moon have the new touch dimmers for full control of the light levels. The clock has it's own dimmer wheel/knob and the minute/hours adjust buttons are easy to set. The back wash RGB light also has it's own buttons to set the colors, patterns and dimming. Plugs into 120v. It's designed to hang on the wall to read the clock and is 19.3" -490mm diameter x 4.5" -115mm high. Weighs 5.2 lbs.